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One Property A Year Club DVD set

Three DVDs covering skills of Understanding Sums, Researching and Buying in property investing!

One Property A Year Club

  • Medine's One Property A Year Club (OPAY club) meets six times a year to share a meal, share you progress in property
  • Share your planned achievements for the months ahead
  • Hear from Medine and other expert visitors, whilst climbing the property pyramid
  • The aim is to build wealth through property safely, carefully and successfully with focus and research
  • Join the 14,000 investors (ATO figures) who own more than six properties in Australia

Other topics in this series

  • Goal Setting - Why are we putting so much effort in property investing what is the goal?
  • Property Investing Strategies
  • Renovating for Reward and Accessing Equity

Price: $370.00 (ex GST) + $10.00 shipping

How To Get A Pay Rise

Does the though of asking for a pay rise send you into a spiral of terror? What if the boss says no? Should I threaten to leave?

These questions & more are answered in depth in How to get a pay rise.

There's no need to panic or be shy talking about pay. It's just business after all! Take out the emotional turmoil and learn:

  • How to ask for a pay rise
  • How to respond to a yes
  • How to respond to a no
  • How to build a case for why you deserve a rise
  • How to start looking elsewhere if there's genuinely no opportunity for advancement
  • How to give yourself a pay rise by becoming your own boss!

Price: $10.00 (ex GST) + $3.50 shipping

Step by Step DVD Set

Everything you need to know in one DVD set!

Who is this DVD course for?

  • FIRST HOME BUYERS - your first property is a stepping stone to achieving your financial goals. Use the knowledge you will gain to buy the right property in the right area and make a significant difference to your long term wealth.
  • FIRST TIME INVESTORS - Many investors now lament they did not make the right decision the first time because it has set them back years. Learn what not to do, and also what to look out for and more importantly why.
  • EXPERIENCED INVESTORS - We can promise you will learn strategies and 'how-tos' from this course that will make a difference to your next purchase and protentially your entire portfolio.

This is the only course we know of that backs up proven investment strategies with practical and easy to follow hands-on steps. In other words we not only tell you WHAT, we teach you HOW. We also show your where you can access heaps of free property-related resources so you don't have to spend thousands on 'special reports' and subscriber-only websites.

Price: $995.00 (ex GST) + $10.00 shipping

Medine Simmons Dot Maps July 2014

The question that stumps every property investor is: “Where do I buy?”. After researching this for 13 years, I can tell you – it’s not where you think! There’s a lot of media hype around the best growth areas, and almost every week there’s another newspaper article discussing the advantages and pit-falls of different suburbs. Buying in the highest capital growth suburb is crucial. The difference between 8% capital growth and 12% capital growth on a $500,000 purchase over five years is $165,000. So, if you use only one tool to research the property market before you buy, choose this! You need solid research and expert analysis. The MFSimmons Dot Map visually demonstrates the varied capital growth rates across each city. Included in your MF Simmons Dot Map pack is a White Paper with Medine’s analysis of the map, discussing historical growth rates, as well as movements over the years, demographic research and cultural changes affecting the area. You’ll be able to see immediately the best areas in which to buy and to determine the suburb that best suits your criteria.

Price: $1,195.00 (ex GST) + $25.00 shipping

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