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At 26, I was your average gal-about-town with a great job, enjoying the good life. I rarely thought beyond tomorrow and I certainly never pictured where I’d be in 50 years.

At the same time, I had this sneaking suspicion that there was more to life.  Like everyone else at my corporate job, I couldn’t help but notice “Porsche guy” (most of us had pretty average wheels). I remember thinking “he knows the secret to More in Life”.  (His secret was that he rented his house to afford the Porsche! Not the kind of More I was looking for).

I continued spending more than I earned, racking up credit card bills. Luckily, Dad was a CEO and I was the apple of his eye, always ripe for cheque. Why worry about the future when life was sweet? So I crammed that nagging feeling to the back of my brain.
Fortunately, I’d also inherited my Dad’s drive. I soon found a way to boost my own bank balance by teaching myself the art of asking for a pay rise.  One success led to another and that personal wealth creation project eventually formed the basis of my book, How To Get A Pay Rise, published by Hardie Grant in 2010.

Finally I’d saved some money, which gave me freedom to explore new horizons.

But then my world collapsed. . .  Dad had an aneurism that caused severe brain damage. I moved home to help Mum care for him and my footloose life went from “work and play” to endless months in hospital watching Dad deteriorate.  I’d lost my Dad, my cushy life and my security. One of the many learnings I took from that time was that being sick is bad, but being sick and strapped for cash would be really something horrible.

What a wake-up call. I needed to build something for myself. Hungry for a way forward and drawn to property investing, Dad’s ill heath gave me the determination to start researching the market and seeking mentors until I gained enough knowledge to buy my first investment property. I felt like I was going somewhere.

Purchasing and renovating that first investment property cost $270,000. Last year I had it valued for $850,000, creating $580,000 of personal wealth in one venture. 

By creating wealth I not only had More choice, I felt in control of creating More of everything in my life. 

After buying a few more properties, I had a pretty impressive knowledge base that I was keen to share. I realised there was More to Life than Corporate Land. There was Medine Land!

I started MFSimmons Mortgage Broking in 2000, offering investors the kind of service and customer focus that I’d wanted but could never find.  The business quickly found a band of loyal clients and I enjoyed sharing my investment experience.  The company helped clients see the big picture of financial security while taking the complexity and stress out of loan management.

Actually, it took my jelly legs ages to set after tossing that fabulous corporate salary aside for the uncertainty and huge learning curve of running a business, not to mention the pressure of paying my own credit cards!  But hard work and focus bred success, which gave me the drive to meet those challenges and to keep growing personally and professionally, and I couldn’t wait to share that knowledge with other people stumped by this “More to Life” thing.

Next, I formulated the Step By Step Property Success seminar for property investors, packaging my 10 years of research into a weekend workshop heavy on tips and light on hype. I was skilling up people to find the confidence to create their own financial security. 

In 2007, I trained as an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) Master Practitioner to consolidate those client service skills, and that gave me incredible processes to prepare and motivate investors – and myself – to reach our goals in ways that I could never have imagined.

I got such a buzz from creating, road-testing, fine- tuning and delivering Step By Step Property Success, which continues its successful national touring, that I realised I’d opened another door for myself as a teacher and mentor. 

Today I’m ecstatic to be able to offer property investors the More to Life that I craved, and found.

My one-on-one property investment mentoring services take people to the next level in property investing, whether that means from zero to one property, or two to 10.  If you’re feeling a little squeamish, spend time with me, your own property multi-millionaire. Let’s play real-life Monopoly.

My More to Life is making sure you get yours.

Warm regards,


Who is Medine Simmons?

Medine Simmons is a Melbourne girl who has spent the last 11 years running her own mortgage broking practice. Medine has also built her own property portfolio over the last ten years - essentially buying a property every year (she has since sold one or two). Medine is a get rich slow advocate - that is there is no quick rich solution in property. Medine advocates research as the key to success. You must spend at least six months before you purchase each property. If you are looking for a mortgage broker then speaking to Medine is also and educative experience.